Bird Brains and Moose on the Loose

May 30, 2018

7pm BEAK AND BRAIN: Genius Birds From Down Under - Nature Documentary 

The term "birdbrain" generally isn’t used as a compliment, but in BEAK AND BRAIN: GENIUS BIRDS FROM DOWN UNDER, we meet the feathered prodigies whose smarts defy stereotypes.  This memorable hour-long documentary investigates two of the cleverest creatures in the animal kingdom: the humorous, agile keas of New Zealand and the steadfast, patient crows of New Caledonia. Keas, the only species of parrot that live in a snowy, mountainous region, enjoy solving puzzles and dismantling small objects. Thousands of miles north in the archipelago of New Caledonia, talented crows produce sets of tools – each of which serves a particular purpose. In the ultimate avian I.Q. test, BEAK AND BRAIN determines which of these species is the smartest – with some funny and surprising results. 


  8pm NATURE - Documentary 

MOOSE: LIFE OF A TWIG EATER - Exploring the world of moose in the Canadian Rockies, focusing on a calf's first year of life.


There is a growing problem in North America affecting moose, the largest species of the deer family. Whether they make their home in the Canadian Rockies or in Minnesota, moose populations are declining at a rapid rate. One reason is that many of the newborn calves are not surviving their first year. In order to find out why, one intrepid cameraman spends a year documenting the life of a moose calf and its mother to understand what it takes to survive.