Conversation With 2-Time Pulitzer Winner Jim Morin

Oct 3, 2017

Jim Morin started his art career drawing the cartoons that he enjoyed on Saturday mornings as a kid.

He studied art at Syracuse University and eventually found himself drawing caricatures of dignitaries and political leaders. All of that spun into a long and illustrious career as a political cartoonist with the Miami Herald. Two Pulitzer Prize awards later - the most recent one in 2017 - Morin is enjoying his retirement in Maine. 

For Tuesday's Sundial, we recently spoke to him about what it's like being the lone liberal in a family of conservatives; how he avoids cliches in his art; and the secrets to portraying a president - not according to physical traits, but emotional ones. 

Taking A Knee
Credit Jim Morin / Miami

Jim Morin tackled social issues as much as he did presidents.
Credit Jim Morin / Miami Herald

Credit Jim Morin / Miami Herald