The Florida Roundup: Death Penalty, Fracking, Gambling And Guns

Feb 8, 2016

The Army Corp of Engineers releases water from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee River because of heavy rains.
Credit Dale/flickr

The Florida Roundup looks at the death penalty, heavy rains, fracking and more this week.

The Florida Supreme Court stopped one execution as questions continue around the process of how Florida decides the death penalty. Dozens of inmates on death row could challenge their sentences.

South Florida is being drenched by historic rains in the midst of what is supposed to be the dry season. Lake Okeechobee is swollen, sending dirty water into rivers and raising worries about pollution.

Lawmakers are weighing the future of fracking for oil and natural gas in Florida. They’re also mulling the possibility of allowing gun owners to openly carry their weapons, plus massive gambling legislation is taking shape.

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