Florida Roundup: Sensitivity In Classrooms

Mar 19, 2015

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  On the Florida Roundup, we talk to the area's journalists about the week's top stories.

2011 Memorial Day Weekend Shooting

Four years ago, officers were in a car chase on Miami Beach during Urban Beach Week. Police fired more than 100 bullets, killing a motorist and injuring four bystanders. Miami-Dade prosecutors decided Tuesday they would not charge officers involved in the shooting under Florida's "fleeing felon" law, the Miami Herald reported. 

Broward Teacher Suspended

A Cypress Bay High school teacher has been suspended for five days and must complete diversity training for calling a Muslim student a "raghead Taliban," the Broward County School Board voted on Tuesday. The family's experience has sparked discussions about discrimination.

Transgender Bathroom Bill

A bill in the state House would ban transgender Floridians from using bathrooms that don't match their birth gender. The Single Sex Bathroom bill is in response to a Miami-Dade ordinance that prohibits anti-transgender discrimination and allows transgender Floridians to choose their bathroom. Supporters of the bill say it will prevent potential harassment in bathrooms. Others cautioned this bill could leave the transgender community at risk to violence.

Sunshine Week

Florida's Sunshine Law ensures the public's right to know all government proceedings. But it's not always followed. Former state Senator Paula Dockery says much of government is avoiding the sunshine.

Your hosts Luis Hernandez and Gina Jordan are joined by Gary Fineout from the Associated Press, Rosemary O’Hara of the Sun Sentinel, David Ovalle and Julie Brown from the Miami Herald, and Nadege Green and John O'Connor of WLRN.

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