Genealogy Roadshow is Bound For Miami

Dec 15, 2017

8pm GENEALOGY ROADSHOW - History/Ancestry -  Diverse participants embark on emotional journeys that uncover family and community secrets across the United States.

Trace stories about Native, Cuban, Filipino and African-American forebears.

The genealogists uncover fascinating family stories at the History Miami Museum. One woman suspects she is related to Pocahontas; another explores the mystery of her Cuban roots, uncovering her grandfather’s secret past. Separately, a man learns more about his Filipino heritage and the impact of World War II on his ancestors; the team reveals how the history of the tragic Tuskegee experiment changed her family forever; and a woman comes to the Roadshow thinking her ancestor was a villain only to learn he was a hero.

9pm FINDING YOUR ROOTS: Children of the Revolution - History - Noted Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. unearths the family histories of influential people to help shape our national identity. 

NBA player Carmelo Anthony, political commentator Ana Navarro and actress Lupita Nyong’o investigate the political choices of their fathers, discovering sometimes unexpected heritage as they trace their ancestry further back.