Important Battles of WWII

May 14, 2018

8pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - Uncover the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever.

U-BOAT BASE - Examine the impenetrable submarine pens the Nazis built to protect U-boats from Allied attacks. Such was their size and strength that these pens survive today, a testament to their engineering. 

9pm WORLD WAR II: PRICE OF EMPIRE - History - Two conflicts at opposite sides of the globe lead to a new political map of the modern world.

 THE PHONY WAR - The European story continues with the invasion of Poland and the irresistible casus belli that forced even the most resistant of the powers into a declaration of war. The appeasing Prime Minister (Chamberlain) falls to be replaced by Winston Churchill. Now hardly remembered military action and early naval encounters characterize a war that, in the West, resembles skirmishing – in the East Japan has suffered major reverses with Chinese victories at Changsha and Guangxi.


On May 31, 1916, the British Royal Navy precipitated a major head-to-head battle with the German Imperial Fleet. With 151 warships manned by sailors from five countries, this was supposed to be Britain’s second Trafalgar, but the battle resulted in 6,000 Allied deaths and 14 sunken ships.

In BATTLE OF JUTLAND: THE NAVY'S BLOODIEST DAY, historian and BBC presenter Dan Snow, engineer Dr. Shini Somara, and Dr. Nick Hewitt of the National Museum of the Royal Navy examine why the battle resulted in so much destruction and what it was like to fight that day. Their hands-on investigation ultimately leads them to discover that the Battle of Jutland, long regarded as a disaster for the Allies, was actually a pivotal moment in their victory.