Lingering Debris & Crisis In Puerto Rico On The Florida Roundup

Oct 2, 2017

This week's guests on The Florida Roundup with host Tom Hudson include: 

  • Marc Caputo, Politico
  • Nancy Dahlberg, The Miami Herald 
  • Andy Reid, The Sun-Sentinel Editoral Board
  • Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
  • Tim Padgett, WLRN
  • Joey Flechas, The Miami Herald 

More than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, piles of debris remain on sidewalks, corners and parking lots across South Florida. As trees limbs and palm fronds along with busted fences and broken patio furniture await cleanup crews, the statewide demand is putting a squeeze on supply. Plus, local governments must be careful to follow federal rules so as not to jeopardize a shot at FEMA reimbursement for the removal. 

Irma was the biggest hurricane to hit Florida in the smartphone age. So, after electricity, customers' attention turned to internet and cellular services. With a lack of useful information on service outages, many are criticizing providers' performances during and after the storm. 

The slow-footed relief response in Puerto Rico also has South Florida politicians pushing for more help. Food, medicine and other supplies are at the port in San Juan, but with a shortage of drivers and fuel, the distribution has been slow. What role does Florida play in the ongoing recovery effort? 

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