Look: The Biggest Key Lime Pie You Have Ever Laid Eyes On

Jul 5, 2013

What could be the world's largest Key Lime Pie, measuring 8 feet in diameter.
Credit Fla-Keys.com

As a child I used to think that heaven was a Key Lime Pie.

Well-- not exactly.  But by the time that I could completely grasp the concept of heaven, I knew that I had already caught a glimpse of it when I ate one for the first time at a Denny's Restaurant off I-95 during a family roadtrip.

Which means that I should have planned a trip south this Fourth of July, where what just might be the world's largest Key Lime Pie was baked for the Key Lime Festival.

The pie measured a saliva-inducing 8 feet in diameter, and was documented for a submission into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

"People like to say nothing's more American than apple pie, but down here in the Florida Keys, we like to say nothing's as Keysey as Key lime pie on the Fourth of July," said festival co-founder David Sloan, according to a press release from Fla-Keys.com.

Ingredients for the pie called for close to 6,000 key limes, 200 pounds of graham crackers, and 55 gallons of sweetened condensed milk, cooked to a traditional souring method.

Sloan continued on to say that the pie was big enough to "feed 1,000 people", and that finding the pie pan was one of the biggest challenges.

After the unveiling, slices of the pie were sold to benefit the historic Key West Firehouse Museum.

The Key Lime Festival will continue through Saturday, featuring events for both children and adults.