Miami Beach To Place Anti-Terrorism Barriers At Each End Of Lincoln Road

Aug 22, 2017

The most recent of Europe’s vehicle-into-crowd attacks will alter the look of South Beach’s Lincoln Road — concrete barriers will soon frame the internationally known shopping and socializing promenade.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine announced in an email to residents Tuesday that “temporary concrete barriers will be placed along the curb line on the Alton Road and Washington Avenue entrances to the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall. The barriers will be temporary, until a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing option can be implemented as part of the eventual redesign of Lincoln Road.”

Levine, a potential gubernatorial candidate in 2018, released a second statement Tuesday afternoon calling on Gov. Rick Scott, who is term-limited next year, to assist cities in safeguarding high-traffic pedestrian walking areas, including funding for safety barriers, called bollards.

“The state could partially or fully fund the purchase and placement of bollards at key access points in these areas to prevent entry by vehicles,” Levine wrote in a letter to Scott. “In conjunction with the federal government, the state could help fund the development of security and assistance expertise for local police forces, so that they may be prepared in the event of an attack.”

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