Miami Beach Voter Options, Oxfam Operates In Puerto Rico, What Kids Need To Battle Bullying

Oct 19, 2017

Today in Sundial: Miami Beach voters will be picking a new mayor in November. They'll also have to vote on a referendum that could change how business operates on part of Ocean Drive. We'll talk about the ballot and the options voters will have. We also dig into the controversies that have led to the end of Councilman Michael Grieco's political career.

Oxfam is an organization that helps people in places like Syria and Sudan. Now, they're in Puerto Rico trying to get help to the millions of people on the island who struggle to get basic food and supplies.

Bullying and cyberbullying is part of growing up for some kids. But, why do some children seem to handle it better than others? A new study from Florida Atlantic University points to one characteristic...resilience. Is it something we can teach all children?