Sundial's Debut: Mysterious 'Sonic Attacks' In Cuba, Crisis In Puerto Rico And Remembering Rick Shaw

Oct 2, 2017

On the very first edition of WLRN's new daily program Sundial, host Luis Hernandez talks to people around South Florida, including:

1. WLRN's America's reporter Tim Padgett tells Luis why half the U.S. diplomats in Cuba and their families are returning home. A number of U.S. State Department employees have experienced mysterious health problems since being stationed there.

2. There are terrible shortages of water, food, and fuel in Puerto Rico. Supplies are being delivered, but not getting to the people who need them. Luis talks to NPR correspondent Greg Allen, just back from the island, about the conditions he saw there. State Representative Robert Asencio, whose family is from Puerto Rico, describes his recent trip to deliver aid. Luis DeRosa, President of the South Florida Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, talks about his efforts to collect supplies and get them to the commonwealth.

3. WLRN's Joe Johnson remembers legendary South Florida radio personality Rick Shaw, who passed away recently. Shaw was the first disc jockey to play the Beatles here.