The Super City of Miami; The Hungry Blackman

Dec 11, 2017

South Florida offers a plethora of dining options from all nationalities catering to  different tastes, whims and budgets. Many self-proclaimed “foodies,” lovers of food, take it upon themselves to write about their experiences traveling to different eateries around the Magic City and beyond.

Miami blogger Starex Smith does just that, traveling and writing about his experiences as a hungry black man. In his blog, The Hungry Blackman, Smith mixes reviews, restaurant recommendations and profiles from the different establishments that he visits locally and in different states.

Smith believes that food unites people and cultures.  He hopes that through his blog readers will be compelled to try different foods from the many ethnicities that are part of South Florida.

Also on Sundial:  Miami can now also be considered  a super city at the same level as metropolises such as New York City, Los Angeles, London or Tokyo, according to  to Richard Florida, an urban studies theorist. 

Florida categorizes Miami’s emergence as one of the world’s greatest cities due to its economy, the increase in  population and its role as the hub of Latin-American and Caribbean commerce.

With Miami’s current prominence, the city needs to reconcile its growth with the many inherent problems of gentrification, low wages and transportation. Florida’s collaboration with Miami Urban Initiative aims to raise the awareness about the need of more inclusive prosperity in Miami, as well as increasing wages in the service industries and the need for more affordable housing.