Taking The Political Pulse On The Smallest of Small Businesses: A Hot Dog Stand

Oct 12, 2012

Flagler County, where Palm Coast is located, has the highest unemployment rate in Florida. 1 in 8 workers there is without a job.

Our Dispatches from the Swing State project passed through Palm Coast yesterday and stopped at a hotdog stand where they met John Sabia.

Sabia works only for tips at Hot Diggity Dog. He’s helping out the owner who happens to be his son.

Sabia says when Palm Coast was booming, the hotdog stand had a line for hours and US1 was backed up with traffic.

But then, the collapse.

“People were unemployed, they move, they can’t afford to eat out. Just cut the business in half. Slowly but surely just dropped it down. And that, consequently, effects all the small businesses. And the small businesses do run this country.”

Sabia lived in Massachusetts while Mitt Romney was Governor and thinks he’s the right man to turn the economy around.