VIDEO: Kaleidescopes, Paper Sculptures, and Choosing To Stay In Miami

Oct 31, 2012

Here is an exclusive teaser of our newest documentary Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists with local artist Jen Stark.  She is a contemporary artist who's work involves creating kaleidescope-esque paper sculptures, animations, and drawings.  In the lead up to Art Basel 2011 we caught up with her to take a litmus test of how the Miami art scene is going, and how far it has come.

When asked about how and why she has stayed in the city after so many artists notoriously leave to more established art centers, she says, “So I never really thought I had to be in New York or LA.  I thought it would be cool to... pave my own trail in Miami.”  

Premiering November 14 at 8:00pm on WLRN channel 17

Miami is in the middle of a cultural explosion. Filmed during the lead up to Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011, Rising Tide is a story about the visual artists who live and work in this emerging art city. Featuring Jen Stark, the TM Sisters, Venessa Monokian, Funner Projects, Brookhart Jonquil and gallery owner Brook Dorsch, this documentary takes you inside the working worlds of these unique creative talents and serves as the perfect introduction to the history and trajectory of Miami's creative development.