What Is The Difference Between A Hurricane Watch And A Warning?

Sep 6, 2017

Credit Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

With the whole state on alert from Hurricane Irma, it is important to know common hurricane terminology. The most important, and yet confusing, of which is the difference between a hurricane watch and warning.

In the simplest terms, if you are living in a county under a hurricane warning, you can expect hurricane conditions to affect your area. Whereas, if your county is under a hurricane watch, hurricane conditions are possible.

Watches are usually issued 48 hours in advance of anticipated storm effects, so that residents in the areas are given enough time to prepare their houses and families for the incoming meteorological event.

Warnings, on the other hand, are issued 36 hours in advance. Residents are expected to complete storm preparations and leave the threatened area, if directed by local officials.

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This story was originally published on October 4, 2016. It has been updated to reflect most recent information.