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Daisy Black was a mainstay in El Portal politics.

She served as mayor and a long time councilwoman of the quaint little village just North of Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, and remained active in local politics even when she wasn’t holding a seat on the dais.

Black announced earlier this year that she would broaden her political resume to run for the District 3 Miami-Dade County Commission seat against incumbent Audrey Edmonson.

After collapsing at a candidate forum Wednesday, Black died.  She was 68.

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The owners of an El Portal trailer park and the Village of El Portal will pay $360,000 to the families living at the park.

This settlement, reached through mediation, is a victory for the remaining residents of the Little Farm trailer park who have been battling the park’s owner, Wealthy Delight LLC, and the village for more than a year now after it was announced the park would close.

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Clairemis Blan walks the gravel paths at the Little Farm trailer park with her cell phone in hand.

Neighbors wave hi to her and some stop her to list their grievances at the park, which is just East of Biscayne Boulevard in the Village of El Portal.

One neighbor tells her someone is breaking into empty trailers. Another warns  her of strangers milling about at strange hours.

“I love them,” she says of her neighbors.

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The residents at the Little Farm  trailer park in the Village of El Portal do not have to move out just yet.


Wealthy Delight LLC,  the new owners of the property,  gave residents a February deadline to move out.  The land is going to be redeveloped for a yet-to-be-determined project.

Residents recently found out that the February deadline had been extended for three months as a result of a pending lawsuit.

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The Village of El Portal violated a state law when it failed to study whether adequate housing was available for residents of a mobile home park it plans to shut down.

In an opinion from the state Third District Court of Appeal, the court found that  the village took official action to close the Little Farm mobile home park when it approved a settlement agreement with the property’ owner,  Wealthy Delight LLC.

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Clemencia Charles was able to stay in her trailer home after filing for bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy proceedings Wealthy Delight and Charles agreed she owed $980 in back rent. 


Clemencia Charles had just left a prayer meeting at her church. She waited for everyone to leave for the night, including the pastor. Then she returned to sleep outside on the floor.

“I didn’t tell anyone what I was going through,” she said. “I prayed and went to sleep."