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As an orthodontist in Miami Beach and Northeast Miami-Dade for decades, Dr. Michael Krop made it a habit to not only straighten teeth, but to know his patients.

Most of his patients were kids.

So after years of listening to their problems — many concerning schools in Miami-Dade County — he decided to run for the Dade County School Board.

Krop, who maintained his practice while serving on the board for 24 years and even had a school named after him, died Tuesday from heart disease at 88. He died in his Bal Harbour home.

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Property owners in Miami-Dade County are one step closer to absorbing a tax increase that would pay for public school teachers and campus police officers.

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Troubled by stories of immigrant teens who say they were steered away from a traditional high school education, the Miami-Dade County School Board has directed the school district to take a hard look at how it educates newly arrived students.

Board member Steve Gallon proposed an initiative to assess and evaluate programs given to these students, as well as outline guidelines and procedures for enrollment. The item requires the board to be updated on the findings by September and be provided with an annual report.

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Amid worries over stagnant state education funding, the Miami-Dade County School Board is considering a property tax hike to fund teacher raises.

It took Miami-Dade County’s school board 30 rounds of voting before a majority agreed on its next chair: Perla Tabares Hantman.

For about an hour of sometimes tense exchanges, the nine-member board struggled over two directions: electing an experienced chief, or providing new opportunities to those who haven’t had a chance to lead. Hantman has already served in the post for nine years cumulatively.