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WLRN Original Documentaries

Producing award winning original programs remains a high priority for WLRN. Take a closer look at some of the incredible stories that we have had the pleasure of producing for our South Florida viewers.

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NATURE Hunger Wars

8pm NATURE: Natural Born Rebels - Documentary


8pm DOC MARTIN - Comedy/Drama

Death in a Clinic

Jun 12, 2018

8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime/Drama

8pm ANGLE OF ATTACK - Historical Documentary 

LEONARD COHEN - TOWER OF SONG - Performance - An all star memorial tribute concert to songwriter Leonard Cohen. 

 MR. ROGERS: IT'S YOU I LIKE - Documentary

THE NEW YORK CANTORS - Performance - Enjoy shabbat songs, traditional music, and songs with a nod to Broadway.

CONCERT FOR GEORGE - Performance -  One year after the passing of George Harrison, Olivia Harrison and longtime friend Eric Clapton organized a performance tribute in his honor. Held at London's Royal Albert Hall, the momentous evening featured George's songs and music he loved.

KEN BURNS: AMERICA'S STORYTELLER - Biographical Documentary - a tribute to the acclaimed filmmaker.  

FLEETWOOD MAC: THE DANCE - Performance - This special reunion concert commemorates the 20th Anniversy of Fleetwood Mac's landmark "Rumours" album.  

BUDDY HOLLY - RAVE ON - Documentary 

Perry Como Classics – Till the End of Time - Documentary 

THE WRECKING CREW - Documentary/Performance 

9pm JACK IRISH Crime Drama - Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a man getting his life back together again. A former criminal lawyer whose world imploded, he now spends his days as a part-time investigator, debt collector, apprentice cabinet maker, punter and sometime lover.