#WhatIsArt? Project

Most of the conversation about Art Basel focuses on outrageous price tags, celebrity art buyers and the extravagant parties. But art is for everyone, and everyone has created art -- and arguably still does.

To highlight the accessibility of art -- that it’s not strictly the purview of people who use only words that end in -ism or write checks with multiple zeros -- WLRN invites you to share your thoughts on #WhatIsArt?

See our analysis here.

We have two questions, one big and one small:

- What was the first creative thing you remember doing? Ask your friends this too. The answers will surprise you.

- What is art? In other words, how do you know whether you’re looking at or experiencing art instead of something else?

Send us your thoughts over Twitter or Instagram at @WLRN with the hashtag #WhatIsArt.  We’ll be sharing some of your responses on our website. And go interact with art! 

The Buff Daddy: The Guy Who Paints Over Street Art

Nov 30, 2016
Wilson Sayre / WLRN

Buffing is what it’s called when you paint over someone else's work, erasing it. The Buff Daddy has been doing this for decades and he’s the guy people won’t see as they flock to Wynwood this Miami Art Week to see the new street art that’s going up on the walls of stores and warehouses.

Wilson Sayre / WLRN

Large, colorful, fanciful glass works now dot the lush landscape of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. The pieces are Dale Chihuly’s encore to his 2005 installation at the gardens.

For this year’s show — the largest-ever for the internationally renowned artist — thousands of pieces of glass were installed at 24 sites in, among and even hanging from trees and plants. Other pieces appear to float in ponds around the gardens.

PHOTOS: The People Of Basel As Art

Dec 9, 2013
Mark Hedden / WLRN

Art Basel long ago grew beyond the Miami Beach Convention Center fair, and it has long been about more than just the art. Enough so that purists have complained about Miami's arts culture becoming an excuse for the kind of hyped-up parties that gave the area its shallow reputation.

Elaine Chen / WLRN

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's ... Artwork?

Dec 6, 2013
Rachel Morello / WLRN

There’s no question that Art Basel brings plenty of people -- and their stuff -- to Wynwood. The question is: How do you keep the area clean?

Leticia Pollock is co-owner of Panther Coffee in Wynwood. She says Basel is her busiest week of the year, so she has to have more people on staff to help keep the place running smoothly – and looking tidy. But this year, Pollock noticed something else helping out: plastic yellow trash cans next to the street in front of her property.

Tom Hudson

As Art Basel Miami Beach gets underway, we’re thinking about what it means to be an artist. Though many would deny being an artist, we have all probably experienced a time when we embraced the title: childhood.

We asked our staff, “What’s the first creative thing you can remember doing?” The answers prompted lots of fun conversations about early aspirations to be the next big animator, choreographer or roller coaster designer. Try it with your friends.

And let us know on Twitter @WLRN using #whatisart.