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WLRN WEEKEND: A collection of this week’s feature stories for your weekend reading

Meet Coco Gauff's grandmother, a civil rights trailblazer in Palm Beach County
Coco Gauff's maternal grandmother, Yvonne Lee Odom, helped integrate Delray Beach public schools more than 60 years ago as a teenager.
A 'pink wave' could spell good news for American Flamingo conservation in Florida
Peaches the flamingo was found in deep water off Florida’s Gulf Coast. Now a pair of researchers is tracking the bright-pink bird to see if wild, breeding populations may return to Florida for the first time since they went locally extinct in the early 1900s.
How two childcare centers used COVID money - and prepare for it to run out
Childcare centers will stop receiving federal pandemic money this month. Providers pledge to keep pay steady. Tuition? Probably not.
Report: Latinos woefully underrepresented in films, TV shows
“As U.S. Latinos continue to grow, the gap between their economic importance and their absence from the entertainment industry is leaving profitable opportunities on the table," according to nonprofit Latino Donor Collaborative, who unveil their annual report at a conference in Miami Beach this week.


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Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center near Miami International Airport
After a record number of deaths last year in Miami-Dade jails, the corrections department may face sanctions if it doesn't show improvement by the fall.
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