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WLRN WEEKEND: A collection of this week’s feature stories for your weekend reading

Helping queen conchs mate in the Florida Keys
Rising temperatures shut down some conchs’ impulse to reproduce. So scientists are ferrying them to colonies in deeper, cooler waters.
'I Am La Chiva:' A South Florida children’s author takes you on a ride through Colombia
Karol Hernández's new children’s picture book celebrates community and love for one's homeland. The West Palm Beach resident was inspired by her childhood in Colombia.
Shark teeth fossils are hard to find in South Florida — but not impossible
South Florida beach-goers might stumble upon some buried treasure — or at least shark teeth. Experts have some tips to increase your odds.
The South Florida economy at mid-year: inflation, housing and jobs still hot
The year began with South Florida home to the highest inflation rate and the lowest regional unemployment rate in the country. How about now?
A NOAA satellite image shows Hurricane Idalia heading towards Florida's west coast, followed by Hurricane Franklin on Aug. 29, 2023.
WLRN's hub has the latest news on the 2024 Atlantic storm season and all the resources to navigate it in South Florida: the science behind hurricanes, how to prepare for them, what to do in their aftermath and more.
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Create a buzz by posting it on the WLRN Events Calendar.
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