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Murder Him? 'I Barely Saw Him,' McAfee Says Of Neighbor

If you're fascinated by the story of anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee and his flight from Belize after authorities there said they want to talk to him about a neighbor's murder, CNBC has about 13 minutes of must-see video for you.

McAfee, who after being released from a detention center in Guatemala (which he had entered illegally) flew to Miami, went on the air with correspondents from the business channel. During the appearance he:

-- Made the case that he's being persecuted by corrupt authorities in Belize.

-- Scoffed at old stories claiming he had been manufacturing methamphetemines or taking "bath salts." He's rich enough to afford much better drugs if he wants them, McAfee said.

-- Pledged he would be glad to answer the authorities' questions if they meet him in a "neutral country."

And, McAfee restated his claim of innocence regarding the neighbor's death:

"I've spoken 50 words to that man in five years," he said. "The last time I saw the man was months ago. He did not like my dogs. ... I didn't have a history with him. He complained about my dogs. But every neighbor complained about my dogs. I complained about my dogs. They kept me awake, too. I was trying to fix the problem. If I had to take action against everybody who complained about my dogs, there would be no people left in San Pedro."

We made a clip of his comments about the neighbor.

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