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Group Building 'Noah's Ark' Outside Hialeah

Four animal-loving Christians have begun a campaign to raise funds in order to construct a replica of Noah's Ark on the outskirts of Hialeah in order to "preserve helpless animals as God taught us."

A trailer for Hidden Ark (see below), as the project is called, promises almost exact dimensions of the biblical ark. Animals and all.

Members who contribute to the project will be able to track their investments in real time, thanks to 24 hour, live-streaming cameras that will be set up on the premises.  Users will be able to witness the live construction of the project, as well as visit the site remotely upon completion.  According to the Kickstarter project description, "people will have the opportunity to enter into each of the chambers of the ark from anywhere in the world, and see how animals live, evolve, and interact..." 

Hidden Ark promises to be the first thematic, online park that will incorporate both online and in-person engagement in almost every aspect of operations.

Noah's ark.png
Credit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/982152343/the-hidden-ark
Progress on the project so far.

Centered around the themes of education, ecology, friendship, conservation, history, faith and technology, the project is ambitious in scale. Construction has already begun on the site, but the Kickstarter needs to raise a whopping $1,500,000 within the next 46 days in order to meet its goal. 

In addition to donating funds for construction, funds can be given for animal care and adoption. The trailer also mentions that animals themselves can be donated, and specific seeds for an on-site garden are also being requested.

The life-sized centerpiece will be surrounded by gift shops, restaurants, memorabilia stores, a nursery, a stable and petting areas for the animals housed within.

As for the risks associated, the campaign states that a "challenge we face is time. That is because it is difficult to predict when our project will be completed exactly. As you can see from our plans on the website, this is a very large project and can take some time."

"Everything depend(s) on your contribution in order for us to have a successful. However, nothing is impossible and with God on our side everything will come out amazing."