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At First Rally Post Debate in central Florida, Trump Stays On Anti-Clinton Message

WMFE, Amy Green

Cheering, booing, and the ever-so-popular chant ‘Build a wall’ colored Donald Trump’s one-hour speech at Melbourne International Airport in Brevard County, known for its strong Republican base. Thousands of supporters listened intently as the Republican presidential candidate slammed Hillary Clinton for dishonesty in her past role as Secretary of State and accused her of being a vessel for special interest groups, all in a push to sway undecided voters. “The trouble we have because of her and President Obama you will not believe. All you have to do is open your eyes. Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer but the same tired defense of the same failed establishment,” said Trump.

“If she ever won….Eww! Folks, we can’t let that happen. We know her too well. She’s the candidate of yesterday and ours is the campaign and we’re the people of the future,” he added amid shouts from the crowd.

Trump pledged to create 25 million jobs over the next ten years, strength infrastructure, and completely overhaul Obamacare.

Many Trump supporters were disappointed he did not deliver the same criticism of Clinton during Monday night’s debate.

Bonnie Corbitt has backed Trump since the primary and said the debate was underwhelming. She said he missed key issues that could have swayed on-the-fence voters.

“Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the email scandals. It’s kind of hard for him to find that middle ground there where he can actually say what he has to say without him attacking a woman,” she said. Ron Weiland agreed. He and his wife drove two hours from Boynton Beach to show support for the candidate they chose after former Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush left the race.

“What [Trump] has to say today doesn’t—I don’t have any issues with them. It’s at the next debate as to what he says to people who may not be decided or might be on the fence with Hillary,” Weiland said.

Trump is scheduled to speak in battleground state Iowa Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton is expected to stump in south Florida on Friday.

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Renata joined the WVIK News team in March 2014, as the Amy Helpenstell Foundation Fellow. She anchors during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, produces features, and reports on everything from same-sex marriage legislation to unemployment in the Quad Cities.
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