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Dedicated California Democrat Praises Clinton For Her Toughness

AUDIE CORNISH, BYLINE: We're also checking in with Roz Wyman. She's 86 years old from California, and she's been involved with politics for decades. We heard from her at the Democratic National Convention as well, and it was her 16th DNC. She was a superdelegate supporting Hillary Clinton. Roz Wyman, welcome back to the program.

ROZ WYMAN: Thank you - nice to be here.

CORNISH: So you were very enthusiastic for Hillary Clinton when we last spoke. So are you still happy with her performance as nominee?

WYMAN: Yes. This election - I can't tell you. I've been in politics 60 years, worked for women all my life. And nothing is touching me the way this election is. And Hillary has performed. And I just don't understand her stamina. It is incredible.

CORNISH: Now, earlier we spoke to another Democrat who says that she's having difficulty supporting Hillary Clinton. And she said to us that she wants someone to make the argument to her to vote for Clinton without mentioning the words Donald Trump or the words Supreme Court.

WYMAN: Well, I can certainly be happy not to mention that man's name, but the Supreme Court is obviously very important. And if somebody doesn't care about who's going on the Supreme Court, they're not probably a very good Democrat.

CORNISH: It sounds like what you're saying is that you believe the Supreme Court - potential to name nominees to the Supreme Court is a litmus test vote for you. That is the most important thing.

WYMAN: Well, it's not the most important thing. I - you know, I balance a lot of things. But the Supreme Court is absolutely important beyond belief. And they're there for, you know, 30, 40 years. And some of the issues - I mean just imagine getting rid of Roe versus Wade. That's one of their prize things. Or we might get Citizens United - get rid of that. The court is absolutely important if you're Democrat in my opinion.

CORNISH: This year has been a unique election to say the least, and we know Hillary Clinton had a tough primary fight against a Democratic socialist no less. In what ways do you think that this election year has altered the Democrats, has altered your party?

WYMAN: Well, obviously Hillary and the people who wrote the platform certainly has added some things that we might not usually have but not a lot different.

CORNISH: Do you get a sense that things will be different going forward, right? Are different kinds of candidates going to come forward as Democrats?

WYMAN: I don't think so. I think Senator Bernie Sanders was - even though he always likes to say he was an Independent and a socialist - but as you know, he caucused with the Democrats because that was really his philosophy.

And I do think that we are going to have candidates not much different than what we've had. We had Bernie. We have Hillary. If you want to find a great deal of difference between them - I don't find a great deal of difference. And I think that we will be putting forth candidates that are at least honorable and are people that we will be proud of as a Democratic Party.

CORNISH: Well, Roz Wyman, thank you so much for speaking with us.

WYMAN: You're very welcome. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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