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Take A Selfie With Your Ballot? You May Be A Lawbreaker


Thinking of memorializing your vote for the upcoming presidential election? You might want to think twice about that.

Florida is one of 18 states where it's illegal to take a selfie with your mail-in ballot or while you're in the voting booth.

Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies said that idea is contrary to social media, where you're encouraged to share.

“Many of the social media platforms have tried to create an environment where people can brag about voting,” she said.

Federal courts have struck down bans in New Hampshire and Indiana, and on Monday, a judge in Michigan blocked enforcement of a ban on ballot selfies, saying it violates free speech. An appeals court on Friday overturned that ruling that had been in place since 1981, saying it was too close to the election.

“In the states where these laws have been challenged, they've mostly been overturned on the basis of the first amendment,” McBride said. “I've never heard of anyone ever getting in trouble for this. I'm not even sure who would write the ticket."

Florida law says deputy Sheriff's oversee enforcement at official polling places. It doesn’t specify the consequences if you’re caught.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this story.

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Mary Shedden is news director at WUSF Public Media, where she oversees a team of reporters covering 13 counties on Florida’s west coast.
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