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Slain Teen’s Mother To Testify Against Stand Your Ground-Related Bill During Sen. Hearing

Lucia McBath's twitter

When Florida lawmakers come back to Tallahassee this week, the mother of slain teen Jordan Davis is set to come as well. She’ll be speaking against a Stand Your Ground-related measure that’s slated to get its first committee hearing Tuesday.

The measure by Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) would change the role of prosecutors during the Immunity hearing for Stand Your Ground, which allows people to claim self-defense.

So, in other words, instead of the accused having to prove their self-defense claim to avoid the trial during a pre-trial hearing, the measure would shift that burden to the State Attorneys.

As she did back in 2015, Lucia McBath intends to testify against the measure when it comes up for a vote Tuesday during the Senate Judiciary Committee.

McBath’s son, Jordan Davis, was shot to death in a dispute over loud music. The man responsible—Michael Dunn—had claimed self-defense—though he was later convicted.

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