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President Trump Could Ramp Up Deportation

Thousands of people take part in the ``Free the People Immigration March,'' to protest actions taken by President Donald Trump and his administration, in Los Angeles. (Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP)
Thousands of people take part in the ``Free the People Immigration March,'' to protest actions taken by President Donald Trump and his administration, in Los Angeles. (Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP)

With guest host Anthony Brooks.

New guidelines from the Trump Administration give more power to U.S. officials to deport immigrants in the country illegally . The new, tough rules are causing alarm and fear in immigrant communities.

Making good on one of his big campaign promises, President Trump has fleshed out a sweeping plan to ramp up immigrant deportations. New policies will target any immigrant living in the U.S. illegally suspected of any crime; expand expedited deportations – without court authorization — and hire thousands of new federal officers to round up what could be millions of people. This hour in our On Point 100-Day Spotlight, Trump’s hard line and the fear inside immigrant communities.


Alan Gomez, immigration and Latin America reporter for USA Today. ( @alangomez)

Avideh Moussavian, policy attorney for the National Immigration Law Center. ( @avidehnilc)

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that focuses on tougher enforcement of U.S. immigration law. ( @MarkSKrikorian)

Steve Adler (D), Mayor of Austin, TX. ( @mayoradler)

Mayor Steve Adler: “This Is Making Us Less Safe”

“There’s no doubt that it’s making our city less safe. Austin, Texas is one of the safest cities in the country, and the reason that we are in that place is because of the trust that’s developed between our law commencement personnel and the people who live here. These overly broad raids at this point, I think, are eroding that trust. We do have a lot of people who are hiding. We now have witnesses who are not going to be stepping forward,  victims of crimes who are not going to be stepping forward. It’s making us less safe.”

From The Reading List

USA Today: Homeland Security unveils sweeping plan to deport undocumented immigrants –– “The Department of Homeland Security issued a sweeping set of orders Tuesday that implement President Trump’s plan to increase immigration enforcement, placing the vast majority of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation.”

Austin Chronicle: Mayor Adler Addresses ICE Raids in Open Letter to Austin — “Austin is a welcoming, inclusive community where we prioritize everyone’s safety. With the current immigration enforcement action, we need ever more to visibly express and reaffirm our values, individually and collectively. The overly broad way these ICE raids are being conducted is making our community less safe and causing disproportionate harm by dividing the families of non-serious offenders and others who are of no threat and have been caught merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Center For Immigration Studies: Immigration Enforcement Big Bang — “Trump campaigned as an immigration hawk and seems determined to actually govern that way. There will be plenty more tests of his commitment to following through – defiant sanctuary cities, greedy employers, leftist lawfare warriors, oleaginous lobbyists. But the new administration’s immigration kick-off is a resounding success.”

Read The Department of Homeland Security’s Memos Here

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