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Özlem Cekic: How Can Kindness Disarm Hate?

Part 5 of theTED Radio Hour episode Approaching With Kindness.

About Özlem Cekic's TED Talk

After being elected to the Danish parliament, Özlem Cekic—a Muslim immigrant to Denmark—began receiving hate mail. To counter it, she did the unexpected: she met her harrassers face to face.

About Özlem Cekic

Born in Turkey to Kurdish parents, Özlem Cekic and her family settled in Denmark in the 1980s.

In 2007, she became the first woman with a Muslim immigrant background to be elected to the Danish Parliament. She served until 2015.

Today she is a speaker, author, and social activist. Cekic's project, #dialoguecoffee, seeks to spark conversations between people who hold opposing beliefs in order to examine and understand prejudice.

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