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5 Tiny Desk Concerts To Calm Your Mind

"I just want you to know," Raveena told the NPR office, "that in this space that we're in, you're extremely, extremely loved." I get chills when I think about it now.

As the news of the coronavirus crisis rolls in at the most rapid pace, we're all grasping for ways to curb our anxiety and break away from the gloomy world forecast. Many of us are turning to music that soothes, virtual live concerts and Tiny Desk videos. So here we present five Tiny Desk concerts from artists who prefer to start low on the volume and ramp up, initiating a much welcomed tranquility.

Laraaji's Tiny Desk concert is perfect for facilitating some deep meditation, Jordan Rakei plays some sweetly warm Fender Rhodes, The Innocence Mission cultivates quiet and Max Richter's performance with members of the ACME ensemble is liable to conjure up a tear or two, which is all right as well.

Tiny Desks In This Playlist

  • The Innocence Mission
  • Laraaji
  • Max Richter
  • Jordan Rakei
  • Raveena
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