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A Historic Look At Ireland's Lighthouses


Stories and interviews about Ireland's lighthouses, as well as a look at their future use.

Wednesday 7pm GREAT LIGHTHOUSES OF IRELAND Documentary

Much more than just something to put on a postcard, lighthouses remain a vital part of Ireland's maritime infrastructure. GREAT LIGHTHOUSES OF IRELAND is a four-part series that features breathtaking footage, fascinating stories and interviews about Ireland's many lighthouses. The program also looks ahead at their future use in the age of the GPS.

7pm The series premiere highlights the story of Wexford's historic Hook Head, the country's very first lighthouse, and reveals why so many keepers loved being stationed at Ballycotton.

8pm This episode reveals how Ireland became a world leader in lighthouse engineering. Often working in hostile and treacherous natural locations, Ireland's lighthouse engineers and builders used great ingenuity to achieve what seemed practically impossible.

9pm The third episode of GREAT LIGHTHOUSES OF IRELAND reveals momentous chapters of history witnessed by these beacons, from shipwrecks to maritime events in both World Wars.

10pm The series finale looks towards the lighthouses' future in the age of electronic and GPS navigation.