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More Than 6.4 Million Ballots Cast In Florida

Katie Lepri
Voters line up outside an early voting site at the Lemon City Library Branch in Miami, Fla.

With the general election a week away, more than 6.4 million ballots had been cast through the mail and at early voting sites as of Tuesday morning, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

In all, 6,440,993 voters had cast ballots, with 3,907,285 by mail and 2,533,708 at early voting sites. Democrats retained a lead in voting by mail, while Republicans had an edge through early voting.

The Division of Elections numbers showed that 1,828,177 Democrats, 1,213,630 Republicans and 817,158 unaffiliated voters had cast ballots by mail. Another 48,320 mail-in ballots had come from third-party voters.

Meanwhile, 1,176,216 Republicans, 860,690 Democrats and 464,681 unaffiliated voters had cast ballots at early voting sites. Also, 32,121 third-party voters had used early voting.

More than 14.44 million voters are registered to take part in the Nov. 3 elections.