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After 3-Day Recount, Incumbent Democrat Loses Senate Seat To Ileana Garcia By 34 votes

David Santiago
Miami Herald
Chair of the Miami-Dade Democrats and layer Steve Simeonidis looks a ballot with a magnifier during manual recount for Senate District 37 between Republican Ileana Garcia and Democrat Jose Javier Rodriguez at Miami-Dade Elections Department on Thursday, November 12, 2020, in Miami, Florida.

After three long days of a painstaking recount, early results on Thursday showed Latinas for Trump co-founder Ileana Garcia leading Democratic incumbent José Javier Rodríguez in the race for Senate District 37 by a mere 34 votes.

In a video posted shortly after the recount was done, Rodríguez conceded and called for an investigation into the race, raising concerns about the influence of a third-party candidate backed by dark money who received more than 6,300 votes in an election decided by a few dozen out of more than 215,000.

“Democracy requires transparency,” he said in the video. “In order to achieve that, I believe this election requires a full investigation so that those who may have violated the law are held to account and so that such tactics are not used in future elections.”

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