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West Palm Beach’s Racial And Ethnic Equality Task Force Launches Virtual Action Summit

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James
City of West Palm Beach main page
West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James

The largest city in Palm Beach County is inviting residents to participate in a task force that addresses racial and ethnic inequities. It’s part of a policy initiative spurred by protests following the police killing of George Floyd in June.

Those protests, which placed a spotlight on local issues, have had a continued impact on Palm Beach County. West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James said it forced his city to look in the mirror.

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James created a citywide task force to identify and address racial and ethnic disparities related to education, wealth, income, housing, poverty and policing.

The task force includes the Black Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the State Attorney's Office, subject matter experts within subcommittees, and other leaders appointed by the mayor’s office.

Keith says he wants the public to have a say in the decision-making process, including through an interactive summit on Dec. 5. The summit will be held via Zoom from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Residents can visit WPBEqualityTaskForce.org to learn more about the virtual summit.

Wilkine Brutus is the Palm Beach County Reporter for WLRN. The award-winning journalist produces stories on topics surrounding local news, culture, art, politics and current affairs. Contact Wilkine at wbrutus@wlrnnews.org
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