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Congressman Ted Deutch On Gaza, Gambling In Florida, Haircuts For Haiti Buzz-A-Thon

Alejandra Martinez
The non-profit BuzzitForward provides underprivileged youth free haircuts and mentorship.

On this Monday, May 17, episode of Sundial,

Congressman Ted Deutch On Gaza

The violence between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza strip is continuing to escalate. Over the past week, nearly 200 people have died — mostly Palestinians — from missile strikes fired by Israel and Hamas that have also destroyed thousands of homes.

Several factors have contributed to this most recent resurgence of violence in the area. Adding to that, more than a decade of the Israeli government not taking seriously Palestinian demands for statehood and equality.

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Florida Congressman Ted Deutch, who represents parts of Broward County, has long voiced his support for Israel.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization that's been waging war against Israel from the moment it was created decades ago … they’ve sent over 3000 rockets with the sole purpose of killing as many civilians as it can. It is absolutely launching a war against Israel. Israel is defending itself the way that we would if we are under attack, or if any of our other allies would if they were attacked,” Deutch said.

Deutch played a critical role in shaping the "Memorandum of Understanding," a 10-year multi-billion dollar agreement focused on Israel’s security. He’s also a ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the subcommittee focused on Africa and the Middle East.

“Our alliance with Israel isn't in question and should never be questioned. We have here the point I made on the House floor … that at no point in the future, there is never justification for terrorist attacks. When the terrorist group uses humans as shields and intentionally puts itself in places where it intends for there to be civilian casualties, it's deplorable,” Deutch said.

Congressman Ted Deutch On Gaza
Frontline: One Day in Gaza

Gambling In Florida

The Seminole Tribe and Gov. Ron DeSantis are getting closer to finalizing their statewide gambling deal. It would bring sports betting to tribal facilities and expand casino-style games, like craps and roulette.

But not everyone is onboard — former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine has called on the Legislature to reject the deal.

“When I was mayor, we unanimously stated and passed laws that the city does not want casino gambling in Miami Beach. When we passed Amendment 3, it’s a statewide referendum that passed with almost 72% of the Floridian population, saying that they want to be able to vote on any expansion of gaming whatsoever in the state of Florida," said Levine. "Unfortunately, [what] the Legislature is doing and the governor is doing is they're kind of circumventing the wishes of the people."

State lawmakers are taking up the issue during a special legislative session that started Monday. If they sign off, it would end a decade-long battle over gaming and guarantee at least $2.5 billion for the state over the next five years.

“We know what these casinos do. They give comp [paid for] hotel rooms, comp food, comp drinks. It'll be a slaughterhouse for Dade County restaurants and hotels and bars. Everybody knows that. All these new companies that are coming to Miami-Dade County are going to probably rethink their relocation here. They don't want to live in a casino town. So I think that's a big, big thing we have to look at,” Levine said.

Sundial reached out to the Seminole Tribe to be a part of the program — they did not reply to our request immediately. The offer still stands for a later date.

Gambling In Florida

Haircuts For Haiti Buzz-A-Thon

It’s something most of us do at some point — get a haircut. And maybe we take it for granted.

But it makes a huge difference for many of us in how we feel about ourselves.

“I had an experience where a bad haircut turned into bullying and it turned into a lot of uncomfortable days for me especially as a youth,” said Amir Youssef, the creator of Buzz Boxx USA. “It took me a long time to get over that. But I’m looking at some of these kids and I saw that they didn’t even have a haircut and I was thinking ‘What would a better haircut do for them?’ to be able to look and feel better about yourself.”

And, not everyone has access to a decent haircut.

Tuesday is Haitian Flag Day and in celebration of that is the first annual ‘Haircuts for Haiti Buzz-a-thon’ by Buzz Boxx USA, Next Level Barbershop and HAC Global.

It will raise funds to bring haircuts to kids who need them and to build a barbershop in Haiti.

Find more information on how you can get involved and sponsor a haircut here.

Haircuts for Haiti Buzz-a-thon
Customers get haircuts on a busy Saturday morning at No Grease Mosaic Village in Charlotte, N.C.

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Leslie Ovalle Atkinson is the former lead producer behind Sundial. As a multimedia producer, she also worked on visual and digital storytelling.