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WLRN Recognized With Four Green Eyeshade Awards In 2021

Logo for the Green Eyeshade Awards featuring an animation of a journalist at a typewriter and The Green Eyeshade Awards name

The WLRN newsroom collected four awards at the 2021 Green Eyeshade Awards.

The Green Eyeshade Awards are given by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in recognition of journalistic excellence in 11 southeastern states.

The winners were announced Monday, June 28. A complete list of honorees will be made available here.

WLRN earned recognition in the following categories:

Investigative Reporting / Radio, Third Place: Is Colombia Interfering in the U.S. Election in Florida – With Tactics It Exported to Florida? , Tim Padgett

Documentaries / Radio, Second Place: Miami And County School Board Destroyed A Black Community To Build A Whites Only School, Nadege Green and Alicia Zuckerman

Serious Commentary / Online, Second Place: Tim Padgett, Tim Padgett Commentaries

Best Feature Writer, Second Place: Maria Esquinca, Maria Esquinca Reporting

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