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Florida could see increased thunderstorm activity over the next few days

The Florida peninsula is looking at an uptick in thunderstorm activity over the next few days. Heavy rain, frequent lightning, and strong winds are all possible hazards.

According to Meteorologist Megan Borowski, a mid-level wave is approaching Florida. It will move northwards paralleling the Atlantic Coast. This wave is expected to push tropical airmass and mid- and upper-level energy over the peninsula. This will supplement the normal sea breeze thunderstorms we see in our state. This should result in increased storm activity, with a few stronger storms than normal. This evening, storms are expected to be concentrated toward interior and western parts of the peninsula from I-4 southward.

According to the National Weather Service, every year, more people die from flooding than thunderstorm-related accidents. Over half of flood-related drownings happen when a vehicle is driven through flood waters. Six inches of water can sweep away an adult, and two feet of water can sweep away SUVs and trucks. For this reason, it is never recommended to drive or walk through flood waters.

Lightning injuries are rare, but avoidable by following simple guidelines. The NWS recommends that if you're outdoors when a storm rolls in, as soon as you hear thunder to seek shelter indoors or in a hard-topped vehicle. Make sure to wait 30 minutes until the last clap of thunder before resuming activities.

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