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Rural Florida counties hope to amplify their needs and get the attention of lawmakers

Photo of members of rural counties standing in front of old capitol building with Rep. Bobby Payne.
Alexandra Dresner
Payne is encouraging rural counties to band together.

Representatives from 28 of Florida’s 31 rural counties filled the courtyard where Rep. Bobby Payne (R-Palatka) encouraged them to join together and speak up for the needs of rural communities.

“Advocate for your positions. Showcase your attractions. Make sure people understand what rural counties mean to Florida," says said.

Payne says when more voices join together to highlight what’s important to rural counties they’re more likely to get the attention of the legislature.

“It is important for the legislature to understand that rural counties have a voice," Payne says.

Healthcare, education, and funding for local projects are some of the top concerns for rural communities. Payne host Rural County day to help highlight those needs and amplify the voices of rural communities.

My name is Alex Dresner and I am a senior at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Media and Communication Studies. I am an aspiring reporter, specifically intrigued by criminal news broadcasting.
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