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Best of WLRN News in 2023

A group photo of the 2023 WLRN News team
The WLRN News team. Left to right: Joshua Ceballos, Sergio Bustos, Catalina Garcia, Katie Lepri Cohen, Natu Tweh, Helen Acevedo, Alyssa Ramos, Tim Padgett, Sherrilyn Cabrera, Jessica Bakeman, Catie Muñoz, Danny Rivero, Verónica Zaragovia, Elisa Baena, Matheus Sanchez, Leslie Ovalle Atkinson, Wilkine Brutus, Kate Payne, Carlos Frías, Mike Majchrowicz.

Click "listen" to hear an audio compilation of some of WLRN News' best work in 2023, as prepared for contest entries.

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