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About Friends Of WLRN

Friends Of WLRN Staff

Sheila Reinken
Executive Director
Email: sreinken@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7974

Stephanie Vega
Chief Financial Officer
Email: Svega@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7975
Cell: 321-480-4456

Brendan Glynn
Director of Corporate Underwriting
Email: bglynn@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7978

Giselle Reid
Director of Marketing and Communications
Email: Greid@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 350-749-8500

Nicole Stern
Director of Membership
Email: nstern@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 786-771-8306

Ellen Soto
Major Gifts Officer
Email: esoto@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-749-8502

Ruth Hernandez
Membership Operations Manager
Email: rhernandez@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7980

Bonnie Berman
On-Air Fundraising Producer
Email: bberman@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-749-8506

Ross Cooper
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: rcooper@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-749-8501

Barbara Davis
AR/HR Coordinator
Email: bdavis@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7972

Ronnette Ellison
Senior Accountant/Accounts Payable
Email: rwarren@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-377-4550

Carolina Falla Flood
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: cfallaflood@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7969

Ingrid Hernandez
Underwriting Assistant
Email: ihernandez@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7968

Lauren Lobel
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: llobel@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 561-310-6381

Amber Robertson Boozan
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: aboozan@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-297-7192

The Overhead Myth

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Friends of WLRN, Inc. was created as a 501C3 nonprofit organization in 1974 to provide financial support and enhance the programming of WLRN-FM 91.3 FM, WKWM-FM 91.5, and WLRN-TV Channel 17. This commitment has since grown to include new digital television and radio channels. As the fundraising arm of the expanded WLRN media enterprise, Friends supports a workforce of  more than  40 employees dedicated to transparency, sound governance, and ethical business practices, as well as editorial integrity, accuracy, and balance.

Friends of WLRN, Inc. raises several million dollars annually through individual contributions and membership pledge drives, corporate underwriting and sponsorship,  bequests, major gifts, planned giving, and grants. The Company is audited annually by an independent auditor and has a proven track record of being a fiscally responsible fiduciary of donor funds, a sound financial manager, and a skilled fundraiser for the stations.

Its board of directors includes volunteer professionals from the community, the station General Manager, a Miami-Dade County Public Schools board member (representing the broadcast license holder), and the Executive Director of Friends of WLRN, Inc.

The success of Friends of WLRN, Inc. made a local radio news division possible with bureaus in Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, and at The Miami Herald.  The news organization is recognized for excellence through achievement of 48 Regional Edward R. Murrow awards and six National Edward R. Murrow Awards.  Support from Friends also enabled WLRN TV to develop more than 30-award winning documentaries shared with PBS affiliates across the country. Additionally, revenues generated by Friends supports ongoing digital innovation expanding WLRN’s reach in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties beyond the millions of people already touched by its traditional broadcast services.

Car Donation Program
Phone: 877-957-6227 or 877-WLRN-CAR