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Alejandra Marquez Janse

Fall 2020 Intern

Alejandra Marquez Janse is a fall intern at WLRN. She dreamed of working in radio since she was a teenager, fascinated by the power of storytelling with audio.

She loves learning about political science, international relations and immigration. She understands that policy and government decisions have an impact on people’s daily lives, so she strives to be a source of clear and accurate information for them through her coverage. She believes that radio’s accessibility and conversational style, as well as the intimacy of audio stories, has the power to reach people wherever they are and break down complex topics. She also loves talking to people about the importance of local news and finding new ways to inform the public through social media.

Alejandra graduated from Florida International University in the summer of 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She spent the summer writing tributes for the Miami Herald about people who died of COVID-19 in South Florida, which highlighted the impact that the disease has had on families. She also gained journalism experience while reporting for the South Florida Media Network, an FIU-based news service. There, she covered anything from Broward County election races to education, DACA and young voters. Upon graduation, she worked as a freelancer for the Miami Times where she reported on how Miami-Dade municipalities adopted their 2021 budgets while grappling with the financial impact of the pandemic.

Alejandra attributes her love of politics and journalism to her home country. Born and raised in Venezuela, she witnessed the current political and economic crisis develop and found in journalism a way to understand and explain to others what was happening in the country. That led her to become a news contributor and social media coordinator at Caracas Chronicles and Cinco8, two news websites dedicated to explaining the political, economic and social situation in Venezuela.

When she isn’t working, Alejandra can be found reading, listening to NPR podcasts, or enjoying nature with her family.

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