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Haitian-Art Exhibit Represents Miami's Caribbean Flavor

Courtesy of BloggingBlackMiami.com

Miami's massive art event isn't particularly known for showcasing the art of the African diaspora. Babacar Mbow, owner and curator of Multitudes Contemporary Art Gallery, hopes to change that.

Mbow’s exhibition this year, "Caribbean Fantastic," will attempt to make important historical events relevant today. Featured work will focus on Haiti, the country that first represented African freedom and independence, and the beginning of slavery's end in the Western Hemisphere.

The exhibition will feature work by critically acclaimed artist Jean Claude Legagneur, whose pieces have been displayed in Washington D.C., Tokyo, and Port-Au-Prince. His monumental Mural adorns the American Airlines Terminal at John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in New York.

“Caribbean Fantastic" will be open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. through Art Basel. The exhibit will remain open until Jan. 2 at the Multitudes Contemporary Art Gallery, at 5570 NE Fourth Ave. in Little Haiti.

Read more about the exhibit at BloggingBlackMiami.com.