Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami

Aug 30, 2012

In 1960, a young boxer named Cassius Clay came to Miami, determined to become world heavyweight champion. In the end, he became something more—a legend. Combining original footage with interviews of those who were closest to him—including his trainer, Angelo Dundee, fight doctor Ferdie Pacheco, and Ali's Miami neighbors and friends—Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami is the story of that evolution, as well as a chronicle of Miami's historic black community and the famed Fifth Street Gym. See why, without Miami, there might never have been a Muhammad Ali.

Conquering the Dragon: Breast Cancer Survivors Race for Life is a documentary about breast cancer survivors reaching for the stars and creating triumph out of tragedy, never letting up in their determined fight against the dragon.

In their quest to regain their lives, thousands of breast cancer survivors around the world discovered Dragon Boat Racing, a very demanding water sport, requiring mental and physical toughness that has became the ultimate team competition among survivors.

It’s hard to imagine what South Florida looked like when Ralph Munroe arrived here back in 1877.

No highways, no streets, and certainly no railroad. Yet he was captivated by the people and the natural world he found. He brought with him a talent for yacht building and architecture. He also brought something else that was new to the area – a camera.

Hecho A Mano: Creativity in Exile

Aug 30, 2012

Hecho a Mano: Creativity in Exile weaves together the stories of four Cuban artists now living in Miami.

Francisco “Paquito” Hechavarría played piano for some of Cuba’s biggest bands and was a regular performer at the Fontainebleau when the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis graced the stage there in the 1960s. In the ’80s, he worked the lounge circuit with legendary Cuban bassist Cachao. Along the way, he helped create one of the catchiest hooks in pop music history—the unmistakable piano intro on Miami Sound Machine’s mega-hit “Conga.”