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Music, Theater Now Parked at Delray Beach 'Arts Garage'

Arts Garage

On any given weekend, you might walk by The Old School Square parking garage in Delray Beach and hear the sounds of jazz or blues or classical music wafting from the ground floor.

It’s an innovative venue known as the 'Arts Garage' and, yes, the rest of the building is actually devoted to cradling cars.

But the ground floor is where all the action is.

No vehicles there, no take-a-ticket machines, no yellow lines, no parking attendants to be seen, mostly live music in a 5500 square foot garage.

Some nights, it's the 'Divas in Art,' a group of female impersonators.

Other nights, it's an 'Urban Underground' evening, with a nod to Hip Hop.

In December 2011, the 'Arts Garage' expanded its repertoire by adding theater and giving the former artistic director of the now-defunct 'Florida Stage,' Louis Tyrell, a new home for his talents.

"We are a brainchild of Delray Beach City and specifically, the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, said Aloyna Ushe, the Executive Director of Creative City Collaborative. "We're working on a much bigger project a few years down the road, which we're calling 'The Warehouse.' It's 15,000 Square feet of raw arts space and we're so excited about moving to that part of Delray Beach. 'Arts Garage' is truly a testing ground for what's to come."

For information on shows and tickets and what's to come, go to www.artsgarage.com