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South Florida Actor Tackles 30 Characters in One Play

Justin Namon

After actor Tom Wahl first read the script for “I Am My Own Wife,” he had to lie down.

“It was a little overwhelming,” Wahl says.  “But from the first page, I was just blown away by the story.”

Doug Wright’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play revolves around the life of Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf, a Berlin transvestite, who survived first the Nazis and then the Communists -- as a woman.


“I Am My Own Wife” covers the passage of 60 years and features more than 30 characters – all played by Wahl.

To prepare for the demanding tour-de-force, Wahl did some homework.

“I went onto the Internet and read everything I possibly could about Charlotte and about the time that the play takes place.”

Produced by Zoetic Stage, “I Am My Own Wife” runs through Oct. 21 at the Adrienne Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater in Miami.

The production is part of Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project – a Miami-Dade County arts partnership focused on human rights and Holocaust education.

Years ago, after racking her brains trying to find a fun, engaging, creative night gig to subsidize her acting habit, Chris decided to ride her commercial voiceover experience into the fast-paced world of radio broadcasting. She started out with traffic reporting, moved on to news -- and never looked back. Since then, Chris has worked in newsrooms throughout South Florida, producing stories for radio broadcasts and the web.