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How Art Basel May Benefit Florida Breweries

Bernt Rostad/flickr

Artists won’t be the only ones getting international exposure at Art Basel Miami Beach this year. Some Florida breweries might share the spotlight as well at the first annual Basel Biergarten.

Alongside “The Factory” art show, Wynwood Cigar Factory (101 NW 24th St.) is hosting a pop-up beer garden which will serve Florida brews exclusively.  It’s an example of the many things that have grown up around Art Basel over the past ten years.

“It looks like Miami is becoming more cultured in the arts, in beer and in different crafts,” said one of the beer garden organizers, Gaudi Castro. “And people are supporting it. You didn’t see that before. People were just like, give me a vodka and soda.”

In a 2011 interview with WLRN, beer expert and St. Louis Post-Dispatch beer writer Evan Benn said the craft beer movement is just starting to reach South Florida.

“Now you look at some of the best, hottest restaurants down here, they all have really good, thoughtful beer lists and at least a couple of crafts on there,” Benn explained. “I think people are opening up their eyes to see that beer can pair with food. Beer can be just as complex, if not more complex, than wine.”

Basel Biergarten patrons will have the chance to pair their Florida beers with artisan smoked meats also being served at the Wynwood Cigar factory.

Fellow organizer James Bowers recommends trying the Due South Caramel Cream beer with the candied bacon.

Here’s a list of the Florida beers that will be on tap at the Basel Biergarten:

Native Lager

Michael's Genuine Home Brew

Cigar City Cracker

Cigar City Jai Alai

Tequesta Brewing Gnarley Garley

Monk in the Trunk

Due South Caramel Cream

Holy Mackerel Panic Attack

Holy Mackerel Golden

Several other beers will be offered at special times. To find out when, check out Basel Biergarten’s facebook page.

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