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So, You Like Space Flight? Naked People? Doggies? Art Basel Has Something For All

Elaine Chen

Often “Art Basel” is used as shorthand for the many arts events that coincide with the Art Basel fair itself, which takes place inside the Miami Beach Convention Center. 

But throughout Miami, galleries and artists are exhibiting their work so there really is something for everyone this week.  Below is a small sampling for various persuasions. 

You hate contemporary art: Endless Renaissance at the Bass Museum.  

Per the museum's motto, finding connections between its historical collection and contemporary art, Endless Renaissance exhibits work by contemporary artists that quotes Renaissance art.

You like to break thingsRescue or Destroy by artist Allen Vandever.

Vandever will ask random people whether they want to keep or axe his art.  

You have kidsArt Basel or Wynwood Walls.

Art Basel has on-site daycare run by the Children's Museum.  Wynwood Walls is a partially enclosed outdoor space so the tots can be as loud as they want and touch art that can't be climbed on or knocked over.

You like carnivals: the Sugar and Gomorrah roller coaster by artist Peter Anton at Art Miami.

Just a word of warning: the name of the work is not random.  

You have a short attention spanMoving the Still: a GIF Festival.  

Yes, GIFs, those quick-moving images distracting you from that online article you're reading are being celebrated in an event at Wynwood, but you can also check out the selections from your computer - unless that dancing baby draws you to the refi site.

You appreciate the wisdom of animals: The Black Lords by artist Desi Santiago at the Lords Hotel.

A huge dog, modeled after the artist’s own dog, Gypsy, lounges on top of the South Beach hotel, and it will tell your fortune via smoke, lasers and sounds of her barking and panting. 

You missed the moon landing of Apollo 11: Luna Park by art duo Kolkoz.

Daily through Dec. 9, Kolkoz will reenact the lunar landing of Apollo 11 on the beach near Collins Park.  The surface of the moon will be recreated on the beach with hundreds of craters, which will be destroyed each night by a soccer game played by gallerists, artists and collectors.  But how does someone buy this work?

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