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Extras! Extras! Palm Beach Opera Seeking (Silent) Players

Palm Beach Opera Traviata.jpg
Palm Beach Opera

Ever wanted to be on the operatic stage?

Now’s your chance – and you don’t even have to carry a tune or know a Gotterdamerung thing about opera.

Palm Beach Opera is expanding its talent pool of supernumeraries (non-singing extras) for its 2013 Season.

The “supers,” as they’re called, perform as guards, maidservants, townsfolk, water sprites, matadors, etcetera, according to the needs of the production.

“It’s a really important part because it’s very supportive of what’s going on in the opera,” says Brett Finley, Palm Beach Opera Production Stage Manager.

Perfect Opportunity For ‘Nine-To-Fivers’

Palm Beach Opera holds a three-week rehearsal period, with rehearsals in the evenings and weekends.  Finley says that makes it ideal for people with traditional work schedules.

And what kind of money can you make carrying a spear in “Salome” or wearing a corset in “La Traviata”?

Finley says supers receive a “very nice stipend.”

To be considered as a super for Palm Beach Opera, please contact Katy Reeves at kreeves@pbopera.org