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Love or Hate Miami? Tell Us In Verse

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In honor of National Poetry Month, WLRN - Miami Herald News is teaming up with the O, Miami poetry festival to bring you That's So Miami--a project documenting your thoughts about Miami, in verse.    

We want to see your Miami, not “CSI: Miami” or “Miami Vice” or “Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach.” The only rule is that your poem has to begin or end with the phrase, “That’s so Miami.”

Every day we’ll be publishing poems on ThatsSoMiami.tumblr.com, and some of the best poems will be chosen to be read on the air on WLRN 91.3 FM. We’ll also pick our favorite photos and poems from Instagram and Twitter, respectively, tagged with #ThatsSoMiami to go up on the website, too.

At the end of the month, we’ll compile everything into a book that will tell the story of the real Miami.

Submit your poems by clicking here for English and here for Spanish.

The poems can be funny:

Missed the bus because                          

it was so late, it came                                

early. #ThatsSoMiami                                  

(Ariel Henriquez)                                     


#ThatsSoMiami, the way the sun

rises through the window

breaks away the hidden

story I was trying not to tell.

(Kate Ann Heidelbach)

Funny and sad:

Abuela tells me                                          

I’m too fat, hands                                        

me a pastelito de guayaba.                          


(Caridad McCormick)

Tell us about your Miami.