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Going Sockless In South Florida Can Be A Bit Hazardous

no socks
nick farnhill


Those wonderful cotton foot huggers which absorb our sweat and decorate our ankles, are taking the day off.

At least for those who observe it, May 8 is No Socks Day.

But living in South Florida should make you think twice:

1. Bugs
We are always at the mercy of insects around us, and some of those insects bite. Two of them, the little fire ant and the red imported fire ant, are prevalent enough that the majority of South Floridians have probably suffered a painful sting if they have lived here for any real length of time.

2. Broken glass
As a leisure destination, Miami attracts a variety of revelers, some more responsible than others. People can get pretty wasted. Broken bottles and glass can be found on sidewalks, in the street and at the beach.

3. Poisonous plants
Poison ivy can be the worst affliction on the entire planet. The pain, burning, and itching can persist for up to six months. God forbid you catch it a second time.

poison ivy
Credit cygnus921


4. Pedicure-less feet
Women of South Florida: Are you prepared to bare those toes without a weekly pedicure? Make sure your French is intact if you decide to observe the holiday.

5. Blisters
Going without socks for a day while wearing sneakers, formal shoes or certain flats can cause that certain pain that will have you walking funny and off your feet as soon as possible.

6. Stinky feet
Everybody sweats in the South Florida heat. So those less prone to wash or skip their morning shower will stand out.

7. Pata sucia
Don’t be that guy.

pata sucia
Credit quinn.anya

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