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Spanish Cultural Center Offers Look At U.S. Latin Life


CCEMiami (Centro Cultural Español en Miami), the Spanish cultural arm here, often falls of the radar when it comes to the arts. Since moving into the bustling downtown area on Biscayne Boulevard (from its sometimes forbidding building in the Gables), it may be that some people simply don’t know they are there. Time to rediscover.

The center offers up some impressive and diverse cultural events, including music and theater – the latter includes their innovative Microtheater, “small” plays of about 15 minutes, set up in the back courtyard for only about 15 spectators. 

Reposted: This item originally appeared on the Knight Foundation blog

But CCE has presented some strong visual arts shows as well throughout the years – for instance last year, the photography documentation of Central American immigrants struggling in life-and-death situations to cross our border was one of the strongest local exhibits of the year. It is looking to match that with another Miami-appropriate show, “Latino/US Cotidiano.” It’s a collection from a dozen Hispanic photographers who shoot Latino life in the United States, from the mundane to the quirky, the urban to the suburban, the working class to the extravagant worlds – you know, real life, not some clichéd version of it that too often is presented to a wider American audience.
For instance, there’s a humorous picture of a man dressed as Spider Man scaling a skyscraper (but actually cleaning the windows), and one of another super hero leading a thug to a police van. There’s a scene of a family tucking into a meal, surrounded by faux-Baroque decor. As these images reveal, the Hispanic population in the U.S. is as diverse and rich with varied stories as any other group. However, it would be a mistake to call this an exhibit of photojournalism; while it does document very contemporary life of Latino America, the works here are also firmly planted in the fine arts community.

“Latino/US Cotidiano” features Carlos Alvárez Montero, Sol Aramendi, Katrina Marcelle d’Autremont, Calé, Ricardo Cases, Livia Corona, Héctor Mata, Karen Miranda, Dulce Pinzón, Susana Raab, Stefan Ruiz and Gihan Tubbeh, and runs through Aug. 20. At the CCEMiami, 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-448-9677;www.ccemiami.org.

This item originally appeared on the Knight Arts blog. “INKarnation” runs through June 16, with a closing brunch, at Bridge Red Studios, 12425 N.E. 13th Ave., North Miami; by appointment, 786-390-8915.